• Gaming PCs
    Max FPS for your Budget
    Air & Water cooled systems, Custom. RGB cases and fans, latest brands for CPU and GPU.
  • Game Makers
    Multi Book and Dual Monitors
    Coding work stations with large fast storage, multi network and monitor support. 
  • Office Computing
    Fast, Stable and Reliable.
    Daily tasks such as, word, excel and powerpoint become a pleasure to use.
  • Music Makers
    Sound editors requirements. 
    We can implement the right interfaces to suit your equipment, sound cards, storage and local back soultions. 
  • Film Makers
    Edit and Render Fast!
    Lift the heavy weight of editing video and effects  with our custom machines. 
  • Graphic Designers
    No more waiting  to load Vector files
    Focus on your designs instead of the wait times of your PC!
  • CAD Designers
    Parts and Assemblies take your resources
    Gain more and cost effect designs with CAD and Solidworks with our bespoke systems.

Custom Computers

We understand and support the many sectors of the computing industry and the differences in trying to reach your achievement. 

Your Local Tech Store™ is completely focused in delivering the right equipment and technology against your budget, sector and future expansions. 

Our Engineering and Computing expertise is here to guide and work with you, generating the right specification for your next custom build.

Each Custom Build is undertaken by our engineers and comes with our service of excellence and warranty. 

Gaming PC's

Computer Repairs and Upgrades

More and more people are taking up Computer Gaming as a hobby and now even as a career. 

We understand the mechanics of gaming down to the metal and build the perfect solution for your gaming sessions. 

If it's for a casual gamer or pro streamers, we work together to design the perfect specification for you and your budget on your new build.

Our aim is to support your next achievement with a quality build that will last the duration until you're next upgrades.

We specialise in water cooled closed loop systems and overclocking. 

If RGB is your thing, we've got your back!

Development PC's

Development PC's 

Game development has increased significantly over the years. Still today, a development team could consist of a handful of developers too many. 

Our custom builds for developers ensures the development tools supports our chosen hardware and runtime testing is fast. 

With so many different style of workflows, game development PC's are expected to support all scenarios, including many hours of usage and good networking capabilities. 

We specialise in dual monitor, cores and graphics card setups. 

Office PC's

Office PC's

Running a business and need reliability, speed and performance for a specific budget? Our custom builds are designed with your business tools in mind. 

From till systems to staff desktop systems, our specifications for your build is generated from our investigation of your needs.
We support and have great knowledge in all industries that use computers and understand that any downtime comes at a cost. 

Increase your work efficiency with you and your staff with our tailored custom built office desktop systems.

Did you know? We offer a subscription service for 24/7 tech support

Music PC's

Music PC's

Composing your next master piece and your computer will just not cut it?

With more technologies being used to create sounds, effects and real instruments, editing your next track with smooth interaction and loading times could make all the difference. 

We specialise in listening to our customers personal requirements and tailor custom solutions that fit your studio. 

With recording and editing raw files and ensuring local or cloud backups, we ensure our selected components will work in harmony with your studio setup. 

Video Editing PC's

Video Editing PC's

Supporting home movie makers, to professional film makers, video advertisers and agencies. We understand what it takes to make that perfect edit cut and effects. 

With the computing demand of video editing, our custom builds ensure not only fast and smooth edits but also quick and responsive previews and renders. 

Working on the fly with video can be time consuming and frustrating at times if your setup is not up for the job. 

We work with you and learn what kind of editing tools you work with, generating a specific build to your needs. 

Specialising in large data handling and backups, you can ensure your precious efforts are safe.

Graphic Designer PC's

Graphic Designer PC's

Slow at loading times, computer stalls, and slow render times? These are just some of the major issues we have resolved for Graphic Designers. 

Designing computer graphics and models can be ruined from incapable machines. 

We have worked with Graphics designers to build a custom build for their special requirements which lead to greater efficiency, better designs and faster renders. 

If you are a designer in need of some help with your next build, let's work out your specifications to support you creative needs. 



From Auto Cad to Solidworks, Engineering on a computer with many parts and assemblies will stall and slow down most computers systems. 

When an engineer is focused on their solution, the last thing they need is a machine that can't handle their designs. 

We are specialised engineers ourselves and understand the difficulty with sympathy.

Working with companies across the UK, we have custom built machines that are each specific to requirements. 

Configured integrations are available upon request.
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