Gamecube | Donkey Konga (With Bongos Unboxed) Pre-Owned

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong return, but with a big difference this time! After stumbling across a pair of old barrels on a deserted beach, they discover they are actually a legendary musical instrument which plays music not only when you drum them, but also when you clap. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong commence upon the ultimate challenge to become famous musicians - so they can buy all the bananas they could ever dream for!
In this musical bonanza, players hit the specially designed bongo controllers in time to a selection of pop, rock, disco, jazz and classical tracks, progressing through the levels to become THE ultimate king or queen of the bongos. This original and unique game from Nintendo allows players to accompany over 30 various pieces of music by hitting the left or right bongo, both bongos together or by clapping in time to the hit tunes. Players see commands appear on the screen and must perform them at the right time to get a good score. To progress to the next track, players must hit all their notes in time. With three different skill levels, even the musically challenged are guaranteed hours of fun.


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