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The TV game show everyone knows - one of the longest-running on British television - Family Fortunes! Sets, family teams, survey questions; everything down to the instantly recognisable `"uh-uhh"" sound from the scoreboard has been recreated. Family Fortunes DS brings this family favourite directly to your fingertips! Introduced by Vernon Kay (much as you would expect, given that he's the latest host of the TV show), two family teams of five members must guess what "100 people surveyed" had answered, to a question. The `Top answer' survey results are revealed on the big board and somewhere within the answers is a bonus prize! It's all about who is most in touch with popular opinion, and perhaps who is a little bit lucky. Players and fans of the show will find four family teams available to play as, as well as single player or two player modes with the chance to create your own family. For added authenticity, the music and iconic "uh-uhh" and "bing" sound effects from the show are used in-game! Piling on even more realism, there's commentary supplied by Vernon Kay, who is also characterized in game with his cheeky Bolton grin. Play Single, Double or Big Money rounds for a bigger jackpot win! It's never been easier to feel like you're on TV.


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