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"A classic fairytale gets re-animated once again in Tangled, a modern remix of the story of Princess Rapunzel. With her long, flowing, life-restoring golden locks, the princess spends her days locked in a tower far away from her kingdom, believing the outside world to be too dangerous to explore. You can blame the evil old witch Gothel for that one. But when Rapunzel meets the thief Flynn Rider, her fear of the world outside weakens - her desire to see the source of a series of mysterious lights that appear in the sky on her birthday. Of course, Flynn has no choice but to help the princess - she's snatched his stolen treasure. And so this adaptation on the Nintendo DS begins: a 2D adventure game where you guide Rapunzel with the d-pad and interact with items using the stylus. At times there will be broken objects that you need fixed, or sick people who need help. Using Rapunzel's magic hair, you can reverse time and make things all better. Various puzzles are presented to the player, and usually amount to either having the right item at the right time or searching for a particular object. You'll also find many minigames to add to the excitement of the adventure, such as a rousing game of Simon Says. Journey to new places with Rapunzel and Flynn and discover a new world."


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