PS2 | 007: Agent Under Fire Pre-Owned

James Bond 007 in.Agent Under Fire delivers a unique and complete game experience that thrusts the player into the world of secret agent 007. The game will feature a completely new and original single player storyline - exclusively designed for the platform - that stays true to the Bond film legacy. Agent Under Fire, a first person action title, promises to deliver a well balanced mixture of missions and levels filled with furious action and stealth, as well as whirlwind driving that is complemented by state-of-the art gadgets and sophisticated spy-craft that Bond fans expect. As Bond, players must defeat the evil criminal mastermind Malprave, head of a rising terrorist organisation that is bent on ruling the world with their clone technology and army of clones. Helping Bond along the way will be the gorgeous Zoe Nightshade and a cast of familiar characters. Each of the 10+ exotic locations around the world will contain a generous offering of challenging missions and objectives. The player can choose to blast their way through each level using hi-tech weaponry, quietly rely on spycraft tricks and gadgets to accomplish objectives, or do a little of both. The driving levels will offer an array of 007-inspired exotic cars and daredevil combat from the movies. Only through the clever utilisation of Q-lab weapons and gadgets along with Bond-style wit, will the player be able to defeat Malprave's minions. and get the girl.


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