PS2 | 1945 1 & 2

1945 I and II is retro gaming at it's very best. This classic, licensed arcade shooter provides a solid challenge regardless of a player's ability. The game has something to suit all shoot-em-up aficionados; carpet bombing, massive attacks, seemingly impenetrable missile storms and devious enemy attack patterns.
Superbly balanced gameplay with six different planes, each with its own way of inflicting maximum devastation.
All planes features both primary and special attacks.
Lots of different missions to undertake, each one with clear and simply objectives, featuring minor and major bosses, set against immense and unique locales and ending with massive, screen-filling end-of-level bosses.
Blast enemies to expose power-up items including super-shots, bombs and energy power-ups.
Reveal hidden gold bars that earn more points.
Selectable difficulty, from really easy to brain-numbingly difficult.
Outstanding mechanics - A control system that can easily be mastered by any age or ability of player.


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