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Dynasty Tactics 2 is a turn-based tactical simulation game where the player's task is to annihilate enemy armies by forming chain reactions of high-intensity tactical manoeuvres. Assuming the role of a general, the player seeks to unite the warring states of China's legendary Three Kingdoms. The Dynasty Tactics series chronicles the turmoil that took place after the fall of China's Han Empire. The civil war that followed was a dagger into the heart of China. Bandits, warlords and legions of mercenaries ravaged the once noble land and ripped the empire into three warring states; on those battlefields the heroes of the Three Kingdoms were born.


All the playable characters return from the original with the addition of the almighty Lu Bu
Three times more tactical manoeuvres
All new Sequenced Strike System
Tactical Combo moves
Obtain new skills in the Tactical Training Camp
Be judged and score on your your martial arts skills and leadership abilities


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