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Based on the popular Japanese series Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dynasty Warriors 2 is the follow up the PSone title Dynasty Warriors from developers Koei. The game is set in feudal China and concerns itself with a long and on-going battle between three rival families. The Playstation 2 remake of the classic title bears little resemblance to the original, the original being a one-on-one fighting game in the style of King of Fighters or Street Fighter 2. If you have tracked Koei Entertainment's progress in recent years, you will have seen its strategy games such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Kessen. In these games, huge battles are depicted in real-time FMV. Dynasty Warriors 2 takes advantage of the huge processing power of the PS2 and places you right in the middle of one of these massive skirmishes. The fight scenes can feature up to thirty polygonal 3D characters on screen at any one time, all getting on with the business of hacking each other to bits. All this is achieved with no slow down or loss of AI. The aim of Dynasty Warriors 2 is to take out all opposing armies, by killing the General and his minions. If you take the lead in battle, your own army will respect you and their moral will be increased. Having your army fighting hard on your behalf can make all of the difference between winning and losing. Certain areas of the in-game map will show up as red, giving you a clear indication of where the action is taking place. Also at your disposal are several special attacks of two different varieties, these attacks are both spectacular and devastating. These special moves require powering up and are extremely effective when you are surrounded. The controls are simple and effective with slash, dash, power and jumping attacks assigned to individual buttons. First person mode may also be adopted in order to make use of projectile weapons.


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