PS2 | EXTREME G3 Pre-Owned

The wickedly fast futuristic bike game Extreme G3 is coming to the PlayStation 2. Hold on for dear life as you rocket towards to victory. Features
A playable racing field of up to 12 bikes.
Feel the force of racing speeds up and above the speed of sound!
Twisting tracks that lead you on an adrenaline-fuelled frenzy through futuristic cities and into the gut-wrenching heights of the upper stratosphere.
An array of futuristic-themed weapons enabling the player to debilitate the competition.
Turbo boosts taking the bikes to extreme speeds and gravity defying environments.
A detailed bike animation system providing complete feedback relating to the bike's handling, showing air-brakes, flaps, weapons and thrusters.
A landscape animation system bringing the worlds to life.
Intense special effects exploiting the powerful hardware of the PS2.


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