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Featuring 13 Pool games and 25 Puzzle tables, International Cue Club is a comprehensive simulator of the popular pub game to say the least. Whether you're a hotshot, a wannabe champ or a cool pool hustler, this game delivers a smooth combination of physics, variety and entertainment on your PS2 for those days when you can't afford to go out and play for real. Learn and practice the whole range of shots in training mode, play any of over 12 pool games and test your skills against individual pool sharks. Over a dozen pool games feature in all, including 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Billiards and Rotation, as well as quirky games like Carom and Bowliards. Precise physics provide an authentic reproduction of the action, with the balls, cues and table surfaces behaviour incredibly close to that of their real-life counterparts. A novel feature in Cue Club is its unique Puzzle mode, which features puzzle games played across 25 different crazily shaped and textured tables (triangles, stars, spirals, even a clover leaf!) Go head-to-head in the tournament mode against eight wily opponents, defeating them all to become king of the pool hall, or show your friends who the hustler is in the multiplayer mode. Watch out for that Tom Cruise guy, though. We've seen him play and he pretends to be really rubbish so that you bet loads of money on the game, but in actual fact he's really good and ends up winning all your money!


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