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Give MTV Music Generator 3 10 minutes and it'll make you sound like a professional: generate original music tracks and remix some of the biggest hip-hop, rap and dance tracks on the fly. You can even sample direct from music CDs: put a music CD in the console, take a sample, work it into your own original track. Alternatively, bring some of your favourite artists together combining samples from different songs and take them head-to-head in a unique remixed track. Delivering a stylish new look and a fresh interface, MTV Music Generator 3 makes building original tracks and remixing simple with a system that's intuitive and delivers a finished track with quality sound results. There's also a new video generator that instantly creates visual effects to match the tracks. Providing more universal appeal than ever before, MTV Music Generator 3 will deliver everything from original track creation in a fully featured Studio mode to remixing tracks in the Remixer mode. You can even achieve instant effects simply by pressing joypad buttons to alter a track while it's playing or take one of the top Hip-hop, Rap, Dancehall, House, Hard House, Breaks, Garage, Trance, Party or Drum n Bass tracks and give it an immediate ambient, radio, vocal, or instrumental mix. Features
The all-new edition of the genre-creating series that delivers the coolest, most intuitive and fun console music making experience.
Generate original music tracks, remix your tracks on the fly and mix world famous tracks from artists including: Snoop Dogg, OutKast, Sean Paul, Fabolous, The Ones and Carl Cox.
Sample direct from music CDs and work into your own original track.
Stylish new look and a fresh intuitive interface.
New Remixer and Studio enables anyone to create the tune they want.
Mix on the fly - create instant ambient, radio, vocal, or instrumental mixes.
Studio mode lets you rip with a track creation toolbox of riffs, beats, bass, vocals, and drum sound-blocks. Create a track and change elements even when it's playing.
New video generator that instantly creates visual effects to match the tracks.


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