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"The power of the PlayStation 2 can deliver a completely authentic motorbike simulation and the latest game to take advantage of this technology is MXrider from Infogrames. Mxrider is the closest you can get to becoming a professional rider without actually doing it for real. With realistic bike behaviour and interactive, living environments, MXrider is the real motorbike simulator. Game modes include single race, supercross, freestyle, challenge mode and the all-important career mode. It's the career mode that's the heart of the game. In this mode, you participate in a full season of racing against the big boys of the sport, such as Paul Campbell and Mike Davis. The career mode is so much more than just pure racing. To add to the complete experience, team offers, management and popularity are key aspects of this mode. Your popularity rating will be low if you're not winning, and the ride offers from the top teams will dry up. Because such care has been taken with the handling characteristics of the bikes, the feeling of being in control is almost perfect. Your bike responds and interacts with the environments exactly how you would expect it to. The environments come to life with interactive spectators and animated track officials. It's little touches like these that are often overlooked by other racing games. Over 17 official motocross tracks have been painstakingly recreated from real world locations, including the United States and Japan. The freestyle tracks are open terrain-based with plenty of ramps to perform tricks off. What bike game would be compete without spectacular and dangerous stunts? There's winning and then there's winning with style. So if you love the thrill of competitive racing, or landing tricks, or becoming the Motocross champion, Mxrider is exactly what you need. "


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