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You would be forgiven for thinking that Penny Racers is a game designed for those who don't take their gaming too seriously. Featuring 26 well designed fantasy circuits and over 100 cute-but-not-too-authentic cars, if you scratch the surface of Penny Racers, you'll find a viciously aggressive racing game clamouring for your attention. Beware the road rage. As well as the aforementioned 100+ cars and 26 tracks, license tests and tuning options give a little more depth to the game. Ring a bell? Could this be a Gran Turismo-style experience we're talking about? Well, in a way, yes. Penny Racers actually fulfils its claim of being 'just what you want', at least to a degree. The controls are the same as almost any other racing title you can think of, and the game looks colourful and vibrant, but what does Penny Racers have to offer that similar, better-known titles don't? Well, the outstanding innovative feature about this game is the amphibious vehicles and courses. Driving merrily down the straight of a deceptively normal course, you suddenly find yourself sailing through the water in a pink boat/car hybrid, a la Spy Hunter. Yes, these 'cars' don't just come with large engines and outlandish paint jobs, they come with floats and propellers. And buoy (get it?) it's a lot of fun. There's really is nothing else to say about Penny Racers. You really have to see it to believe it. It's a bizarre and intriguing racing game, suitable for both boys and girls. Whether you're a hardcore veteran of the racing genre or new to video games altogether, this is a game you're gonna love.


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