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Let me begin by saying that, if one were to stumble into a room where this game was already in progress, unarmed with the knowledge that there was a console in the vicinity, you could well be fooled into thinking the television was tuned into Nickleodeon or the Cartoon Network. Rayman Revolution is the cartoon you can control.well, almost. But, ooh my life, it's a beautifully made game. It looks fantastic, the most visually pleasing title seen so far on PS2, and it plays like a greased-up Gianfranco Zola. That is, it'll make the hairs on your kneecaps bristle with pleasure. If you're expecting just another re-run of the original Rayman, you're in for a very pleasant surprise. In common with the Rayman games on other platforms, there are puzzles aplenty, and lots of friends and treasures to rescue and recover. However, the huge 3D worlds in Rayman Revolution offer the player an awful lot more than the average platformer, which, let's face it, is all that the original Rayman was. While still ostensibly a platform title, Rayman Revolution is a lot more than that. There are the aforementioned puzzles, so put on your tactical cap before you switch on and there are some unsavoury types who will try to hinder your progress, but as long as you are in a combative mindset, they can be despatched with a couple of fire-punches. Another work of genius from the lovely folks at Ubi Soft, it's hard to find a single flaw in this game. Just take a look at our screenshots and be seduced.


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