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The PlayStation 2 library of quality software is growing steadily and with the release of RC Revenge Pro it looks even stronger. If you have ever player the popular Revolt game will you have a fair understanding of what to expect from this title. RC Revence Pro is a is radio-controlled racing game similar to Re-volt, with a few extras thrown in (boats!!!) but also with the excellent tw-player tag mode removed. The gameplay in RC Revenge Pro is simplistic but that doesn't count against it. It is fun and easy to learn so almost anyone will master it after a few laps. Knowing the circuits is beneficial because the graphics are so nice that sometimes you will be distracted to point of losing your way. Perseverance is the key to victory. The cars in RC Revenge Pro can use weapons to hinder their opposition. In classic Mario Kart fashion, oil slicks, fake power-up boxes and even lighting can be used at the right time to determine who wins and who doesn't, this can be advantageous or disastrous depending on your race position. The two-player mode in RC Revenge Pro is the best aspect of the game. It is a lot more competitive than the single-player experience. Unfortunately, two-player matches are limited to single races, no death match or tag modes. Overall, RC Revenge Pro is a visually pretty and simple-to-play game with hours of fun to be enjoyed, it's just a pity that Re-volt's addictive Battle Tag game mode was not included here.


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