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The black and white spies of Mad magazine are no strangers to the world of video games, with an ancestry going back to the days of the Master System. The sort of vicious split-screen rivalry it provoked, while a familiar enough style of gameplay to console owners these days, was at the time a much rarer thing, and it's about time the series was updated to take advantage of the power and sophistication of contemporary systems. Presumably these were the thoughts of Global Star and developers Vicious Cycle too, and so it is that we find ourselves quite excited at the prospect of a reworking on Xbox and PS2. Played in the third-person, to better show the cartoonish movements of the manic protagonists, the game supports multiplayer in both split-screen and online flavours. Perhaps you will despatch your opponent using direct methods - a flame thrower perhaps? Maybe a Tommy gun or heat-seeking rocket launcher is more to your taste? Or perhaps you'd prefer to do things a little more sneakily. a hidden bomb, a Perfect Dark-style sentry gun, or a hilarious electrified doorknob: all these and more are available in your determined-but-never-explained quest to rid the world of your chromatically contrasting counterpart. In your mission to secure the top secret information, as well as all the traps, bombs and other weapons, you'll also be able to make use of disguises, and the Mod-a-Spy mode gives you the freedom to have your snooper looking just the way you want him. As you continue to play the game, you'll unlock even more costumes and more outlandish methods of elimination. As well as five multiplayer modes, in which you can play three others on one system or online, there are three single player ones as well, so you can hone your skills with your devilish devices. So, pull down your wide-brimmed hat and set out to prove your cunning!


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