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"Based on the Warner Bros. Pictures' upcoming digitally animated family adventure The Ant Bully, Midway's videogame allows players to experience and explore the insect world. Gamers assume the role of Lucas Nickle, a 10 year-old who is something of a loner. He turns his frustrations on the defenceless ant hill in his parents' garden, subjecting its tiny inhabitants to various cruel games. In what some would call an act of justice, the wizard ant Zoc magically shrinks Lucas to the size of an ant. In order to return to his normal size, Lucas must learn how to live amongst the colony and survive the many dangers of the insect world. As part of his adventure, Lucas will experience what it is really like to be an ant living in a human-sized world. It is up to you to evolve from ant bully to ant hero and lead the colony in an epic life and death struggle to save the insect world from certain extermination. With 18 different missions and boss fights, each inspired by the movie, there is plenty for gamers to get their teeth into. The game offers many characters from the film, including Hova the Nurse Ant, Fugax the Scout Ant, Kreela the Forager Ant and of course, the aforementioned Zoc the Wizard Ant. You must fight alongside the ants against various different enemies, including wasps, mosquitoes, termites, spiders and humans. Gamers will need to rely on certain ant-like skills, such as stamina, strength and climbing to survive in various dangerous situations. You must learn new abilities to overcome the many dangers living in an ant's world, like climbing on surfaces, lifting objects 10 times your size and using telepathy. Experience aerial battles and thrilling dogfight sequences by controlling Lucas on a flying wasp and hang-glide safely from one location to another. In The Ant Bully, there are several weapons that will help Lucas on his journey as an ant, including Lucas' staff, dart bow, lava silk squirter and seed bombs. "


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