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The quality of Formula 1 games is slowly increasing on the PlayStation 2 and the arrival of F1 Racing Championship is a clear indicator of that fact. You'll already know whether you are fan of the exciting sport and who can't see the appeal of the outrageous speeds offered by these technologically advanced machines. 0mph to 100mph and back to a full stop in only seven seconds, jumping Jehovah. Who is going to be the champion of the new season? F1 Racing Championship plays brilliantly, full stop. It offers two different approaches to the playing style, you can opt for either an arcade or simulation style of gameplay. The simulation mode is a lot harder, but also more rewarding when you get it right. Whoever said Formula 1 cars where easy to drive was joking. The arcade mode allows you to learn the tracks and there is no damage to the cars. Also you have to unlock the tracks by winning races as you only have a limited selection of circuits to start with. The sound is F1 Racing Championship is excellent. The sound the engine makes when you're flying down a long straight is amazing. You really do get an immense sensation of speed just from the sound effects, not to mention the sidetrack details flying by. With the new tracks like Sepang and good computer competition, F1 Racing Championship is the one to watch out for the PS2.


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