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It's a dog's life. Or, if you're Disney's Bolt, a super dog's life. Bolt, if you're not up on the latest computer generated cartoon feature films, is the 48th film to spawn from the Walt Disney Animation Studios canon. It stars a little white dog named (you guessed it!) Bolt who, having spent his entire life starring in his own TV show with his young friend Penny, thinks he has superpowers. When Penny goes missing, Bolt sets off on a cross,country journey to try to rescue her. Rather than following the well,trodden film,to,game path of recounting the film's plotline in interactive form, however, the game is set in the world of the film's meta,fictional TV show. It sees Bolt and Penny trying to scupper the plans of his nemesis, the nefarious Dr. Calico. Play alternates between Bolt himself and Penny. Bolt handles the bulk of the combat, using superpowers such as his Sonic Bark and Laser Vision. His levels won't prove so straightforward as just unleashing super attacks on Bolt's foes, though. Because using them eats away at his energy gauge, you'll need to use normal attacks too as it powers back up. As Penny, the gameplay is built around stealth and third,person platforming. Using her Wheelbar, an extendable pole with wheels on each end, you'll need to creep around enemies and employ sneak attacks to complete levels. Rounding things out is a recurring hacking mini,game that requires players to infiltrate enemy computer systems and shoot the heck out of Counter Intrusion Programs that will do their level best to stop you. It's up to you to save the day!


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