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'Swords speak louder than words' proclaims the tagline for Conan from THQ. Well, words are all we have to tell you about the game, along with a few images. Note that neither words nor pictures could possibly relay the brutal and visceral action contained here. Oof! Conan's thirst for adventure and gold leads him to Balmoria, an island in the far western seas. Once there, he finds not riches, but the dark wizard Graven - a man destroyed by his own desires, a man who would consume Hyboria to feed his own lust for power. His weapon is the Black Death, a plague that steals men's souls. Graven's dark magic is so powerful that he has harnessed nature itself to do his bidding. There is one who would defy Graven - the female warrior A'Kanna. The dark wizard has destroyed her homeland and killed her people. She will not stop until he is destroyed, but she cannot wield the weapon that will stop Graven. Only Conan has that strength. This is a power and a responsibility that Conan neither seeks nor desires, but the moment is his, and he and A'Kanna set sail together for distant shores. The journey brings Conan ever closer to Graven, via battles with sand dragons, elephant demons and all manner of unnatural beasts. It's bloody and brutal and fully warrants its BBFC18 certificate. Not for the lily-livered gamer, for sure.


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