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Ever since Mel Gibson made his first foray into a post,apocalyptic future in Mad Max, gamers have had something of a penchant for mashing things up with cars. There are elements of it in the likes of Mario Kart and Grand Theft Auto, but with Full Auto 2: Battlelines, Sega isn't pulling any punches. In a nutshell, it's all about heading out with your vehicle armed to the hilt and causing as much mayhem, property damage and wholesale destruction as is humanly possible. Ridge Racer it ain't. There are 20 weapons up for grabs, ranging from machine guns to lasers to napalm. These can be mounted on one of 25 vehicles ranging from sexy sports cars to monstrous SUVs. Naturally, all of them can be customised with different paint jobs and wheel styles to create the ultimate pimped ride. In the single player campaign, gamers will take on over 20 tracks in various missions ranging from escorts to straight races. A destructible environment means that as well as blasting your rivals off the road, you'll be able to take them out by dropping buildings on them or blocking their path with fallen rubble. The game boasts six carnage,filled multiplayer modes. Sure, you can co,operate with your friends if you want. But you'll probably want to jump into one of the newly,added arenas to shoot bits out of them instead.


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