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Attacking and Offensive Driving , Players must not only try to win the race but survive against the other racers. Combat,like racing takes centre stage as the vehicles are the weapons.
Stunning Environments , MotorStorm features amazing scenic environments that capture some of America's most recognizable desert landmarks with wide,open plains, harrowing cliff edges, and tight canyon sections.
Cutting,Edge Artificial Intelligence , The A.I. will be able to analyze the race and surroundings and react in the most realistic manner possible. Not only will the competition try to win the race at all costs, but the A.I. will react to situations realistically, such as locating the best routes and changing the level of driving aggression based on player actions.
Real,time Track Deformation , Players will never experience the same track twice as each vehicle will carve up the track in varying depths, making navigation of each lap different than the last.
Real,time Audio Manipulation , An entirely new in,game music experience where echo and reverb are filtered in, delivering a unique live music experience during each race.


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