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Tecmo's classic series hits the PS3 with a vengeance in Ninja Gaiden Sigma, with many hardcore button,mashing ninja lovers claiming that this is the first real blockbuster game on Sony's console. Basically, if you own a PS3 and have a hankering for ninjas, this game is your equivalent to heaven. The main character in the game, Ryu Hayabusa, is back at it with a hefty serving of decapitations, jump kicks, and slice,n,dice action in over 50 missions and 19 chapters. Whether you are new to the best ninja fighting game series ever devised, or a veteran ninja fan, this game is pleasingly hardcore and provides potentially hundreds of hours of ninja battling and adventuring, with an entirely new storyline to boot. Sigma offers the player a load of new weapons and combos, new enemies and bosses, new stages and missions, and, most importantly, a brand new playable character called Rachel the Fiend Hunter who surely could teach Lara Croft a thing or two. Rachel , like Ms Croft , has an unfeasibly large bosom. It's no secret that the designers at Tecmo are at the cutting edge of 'breast modelling' technology! A note to the tech,types out there: you really do need to play this new incarnation in the Ninja Gaiden series on a top end telly to fully appreciate the HD graphics in beautifully crisp 1080p resolution. Players can also compete against the rest of the world and upload Karma scores to the leaderboards on the PlayStation Network. Whether or not Ninja Gaiden Sigma is the best PS3 game to date is debatable, but it will definitely reawaken your desire to grab a katana and become a Master Ninja.


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