PS4 | Saints Row IV Re-Elected & Gat Out of Hell Pre-Owned

The Saints are back, in what may well be the most out-there twist a videogame sequel has ever taken. Not only that, but with this new-gen version you get an extra layer of visual polish AND yet another twist with the Gat out of Hell expansion as well as all the DLC released for the original. The head of the Saints (that's you) has gone about as far as he can go - leader of the free world. Yeah, he/she is now president of the United States of America. It sounds like a cosy gig and, in fact, it is. Until aliens invade and throw the Saints into a bizarro Steelport simulation. No, we're not kidding. Promise. Now, you've got to bust out of the simulation, repel the alien invasion and save the world or get vaporised trying. That's no mean feat, but you've got a few aces in the hole. The aces in the hole being superpowers. You'll be able to leap tall buildings and outrun sports cars, among other things. Got all that? President of America, alien invasion, superpowers. None of which means you won't be getting the Saints-style gameplay you've grown to love. You'll get a massive open world to play around in, loads of missions, all sorts of vehicles to drive, tons of havoc to wreak and a big old dose of Saints Row madness. You just get to do it all with the added bonus of aliens and superpowers now. And did we mention that there's co-op play, too? Because there is. Then, of course, there's Gat Out of Hell, just in case all the above wasn't enough. There's a bit of a clue in the title - you play as Johnny Gat, who's been sent straight to hell after a spirit board accident and now has to fight demons, famous historical figures and, of course, the very devil himself. In a nutshell, this is the open world game only the Saints Row series could deliver.


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