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"The first thing you may notice about FIFA 09 is the presence - again - of Rooney and Ronaldinho on the cover. Therefore, you may be forgiven for thinking that Electronic Arts has dressed up its last football game in slightly different garb, but no. This year's PSP offering is sufficiently different from last time around to warrant more than a cursory glance. FIFA 09 for PSP is powered by an improved and overhauled game engine which delivers more responsive, intelligent and realistic action on the pitch. New animation sequences and a collision detection system bring a fresh slant to players' physical attributes, meaning that momentum has a part to play in the 'rough and tumble' part of the beautiful game. Put it this way: if the likes of Aaron Lennon runs into the human wardrobe that is Papa Bouba Diop, who do you reckon will come off the worst? Of course, the likes of Lennon (and Theo Walcott) can outrun most players in the Premier League, and they can trick their way past them too in FIFA 09, as in real life, thanks to some genius EA Sports coding. The popular Be A Pro feature - introduced in FIFA 08 - has expanded to a career mode called Be A Pro: Seasons, where you can choose or create a player and then master a single outfield position over a four year period with the ultimate aim of becoming a soccer legend. There are fully licensed leagues from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, as well as all the international teams you can think of, and some you may have overlooked. FIFA 09 on the PSP not only includes the Be A Pro feature; it also has the unique Be A Pro camera that re-creates the rush and excitement of racing in on goal."


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