PSP | SEGA Rally (Damaged Case) Pre-Owned

The long-awaited next-gen appearance of Sega Rally is here, and it's definitely been worth the wait. This portable package of offroad goodness does not disappoint, even on a comparatively tiny PSP screen, and mobile Sega fans (we know there are plenty of you out there) will lap up every mud-spattered, dust-blown moment. There is the usual selection of race modes available in the PSP version of Sega Rally: Quick Race is where you simply choose a car and track and get into the action in an instant; Championship enables you to race against others in an attempt to win three separate rally championships. You start in the Premier Championship with a small selection of cars and attempt to accumulate sufficient points by winning races to open up the next championship; Time Attack is where you cover as much distance as possible against the clock as the only car on the circuit. You can select any car and track combination, post a record distance covered in the time provided on the Leaderboards and compete against a ghost car for a further challenge. And finally there is the multiplayer option, where you can race friends locally, or head online to race players from around the world. Sega Rally also supports Game Sharing which allows several players to experience Sega Rally with only one disc.


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