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This is the first time the PSP has welcomed a Splinter Cell game onto its screen and it is very much a compilation of Sam Fisher's missions from the first three released games, as well as some brand new ones for you to enjoy. After the events of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Sam Fisher finds himself caught in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. The game begins with Sam visiting his dead daughter's grave. We are informed that he has not been coping well since his little girl's death, one year previous. After she died, Sam upped and left Third Echelon and disappeared off the face of the earth. Eventually, reports came through that he had been mixing with known terrorists. The powers that be decided that something had to be done, so they decide to arrest Sam. While in custody, he discovers mission files that depict him to be both unstable and a rebellious agent. So it's up to you, as Sam Fisher, to find out who is responsible for these lies and hopefully try to clear his name. There are various new features available for the PSP version of Splinter Cell. A new interface designed especially for the 'on the move' nature of handheld gaming is used in Essentials. There are nine missions in the story mode for gamers to get their teeth into and a further three unlockable bonus missions. The Colombian jungle is the first setting for one of Sam's earliest missions in 1992. You progress through his career until you reach missions taken from the next Splinter Cell game. All the weapons and gadgets from previous Splinter Cell games are available on the PSP version. Fans of the series will also be glad to know that the control system on the PSP has stayed faithful to the tried and tested formula.


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