Worms Open Warfare (WOW) is a multi-player game that blends all-out action, strategy and sheer outrageous fortune. No game of WOW is ever the same, as both landscape and the placement of combatants are randomly generated, making it endlessly entertaining, with up to four teams of Worms able to battle it out thanks to the wonderful wireless facility. WOW can be played in a number of different ways: players can choose wanton destruction as their modus operandi, whilst others can play it safe. There are also those who are so underhanded that they have vengeance wreaked upon them at every turn. Those playing a defensive game and hiding their worms away are said to have turned to the 'dark side' and must be slain! Whatever your chosen strategy, it's all about the weapons available: and Worms veterans will be delighted to know that all the classics are here - Sheep, Prod, Banana Bomb - they're all intact. Very reassuring. Worms Open Warfare is the game we've been waiting for for the ultimate handheld Worms experience. Some of us here still go back to the original PlayStation version when the mood grabs us: this is the version of that that you can play anywhere, and for this reason, our collective cap is doffed in the direction of THQ and developer Team17.


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