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In Killzone Liberation, two months after the events of Killzone, most of southern Vekta is still under Helghast control. The rules of war have been cast aside with the Helghast General, Metrac, employing brutal measures in order to seize the initiative and strengthen his position further. Returning as Templar, players will be sent on a mission to undertake a covert operation to save hostages captured by Metrac, while ISA troops continue the fight for liberty.

Vehicles - Killzone Liberation also allows players to drive vehicles including tanks and hovercrafts to help defeat the powerful and intelligent enemy.

Challenge Games - Players can compete in challenge games to sharpen their skills and earn new abilities.

Multiplayer Functionality - The multiplayer functionality in Killzone Liberation takes full advantage of the wireless capabilities of the PSP hardware, with two distinct styles of gameplay.

Gameshare Mode - Killzone Liberation features game share mode where players can share demo levels of the game with other PSP system owners.


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