Wii | Carnival Funfair Games Pre-Owned

Step right up and experience all the fun and excitement of the funfair with Carnival Funfair Games. As many as four players can join the multiplayer madness as the Wii Remote transforms from a sledgehammer into a frog finger, and everything else in between! You can hone your skills on over 25 unique games of chance and skill to win amazing prizes and unlock crazy costumes and hidden super,games. Carnival Funfair Games features over 25 of the most popular games seen in midways and boardwalks throughout the world, including Clown Splash, Milk Can Toss, Nerves of Steel, Lucky Cups, Hoops, Day at the Races and the big crowd,pleaser, Dunk Tank. And the Carnival experience would not be complete without a mysterious fortune teller. Drop a ticket into the Great Swami machine and your future , who has a secret crush on you? Are you going to get that promotion at work? , could be revealed.


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