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Family Ski is the latest release from Nintendo that makes full use of the Wii Board peripheral. Take the Nunchuck and Remote in your hands and step on the Wii Board to really take advantage.

Welcome to the Happy Ski Resort, where fresh powder, groomed runs, multiple trails, and state of the art facilities await! Family Ski takes you down the slopes in the most exciting skiing game to hit the Wii! Grab your Wii Remote and Nunchuk or step onto your Wii Board to execute perfect wedge stops, shred the slaloms, and negotiate moguls with ease. With an in-depth Ski School and over a dozen lengthy runs packed with jumps, races, and more, you and your friends won’t want to leave the slopes again!

Family Ski is a relaxed winter sports game and uses the motion controllers to let players Ski. The Wii Remote and Nunchuck simulate the Ski Poles, used to accelerate and move off from a stationary point and turn in a specific direction.

When these are used in collaboration with the Wii Fit peripheral, the Wii board, players can be further immersed into a unique experience of skiing. The Wii Board takes over to allow the player to turn whilst skiing by measuring the swaying and leaning of the body.


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