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FIFA 08 on the Wii is a different animal to its Microsoft and Sony brothers in that it's not squarely aimed at the hardcore football gamer. Not initially, anyway. There are two ways to play FIFA 08 on Wii. Family Play is the one that everybody can easily get into: pick up the Wii remote only, and away you go. For those who want to maybe show off a little more, plug in the Nunchuck for advanced control. FIFA 08's Wii incarnation enables you to pass, shoot, and execute moves all with a flick of the wrist. The all,new Footii Party with Ronaldinho mode , unique to the Wii version , includes three party games featuring the brilliant Brazilian himself. Play Juggling, Table Football and Boot It with your own Mii character to unlock Ronaldinho and then you get to take him on. You can look forward to burning off a few pounds too with FIFA 08 for Wii, as the game's controls turn FIFA 08 on the Wii into a more physical game than its siblings. You can use your whole body to control everything from tackling to shooting and throw,ins to free kicks, and you can try to send the ball just where you want to with a wave of the Wii remote and Nunchuk. Note here that practice does make perfect in the end. With the in,game Football Academy, you can learn basic and advanced controls in 20,plus interactive tutorials. Each one shows you how to get a handle on the FreeMotion controls and execute the necessary motions to get by.


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