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GT Pro Series is an exclusive car,racing game for Nintendo's Wii and is lined up amidst the console's launch titles in the UK this December. The game features more than 80 licensed cars, loads of tuning options and drift,style controls and physics and is billed as `a fast,paced racing game that takes full advantage of the Wii Remote'. Indeed, the game even comes bundled with a small plastic Kinder Egg,style bonus, a small steering wheel in three pieces that, when constructed, holds the Wii Remote in its centre, so you can opt to use the controller in all its USP glory, tilting it like a steering wheel with buttons acting as accelerator and brake. The gameplay offers 80 licensed cars with full modding options from some of Japan's finest motor companies. You soon find that you need to master GT Pro's only trick of entering a corner, lifting off the gas, then reapplying it, in order to sail around each of the courses with ease, Ridge Racer style. While the game is not going to appeal to hardened driving game fans, it's cartoony cel,shaded graphics and easy,to,play style may well ensure that it appeals to younger children and inexperienced gamers.


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