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Who would have thought a few years ago that High School Musical would explode like it has? Now, there's no denying it. Don't believe us? In under three years, the franchise has six different titles under its belt. The winter 2008 offering, Disney Sing It High School Musical 3: Senior Year, enables players to sing songs from all three films, karaoke style! The formula will be familiar if you've ever played a karaoke game before. It's pretty straightforward: just pick up the microphone, point your eyes at the screen, and sing along with your mouth as the words and pitch flash up. If players want to get straight into the action, you can make the most of Quick Play Mode. All you have to do is pick a song and a difficulty mode, then sing! If you need a bit more practice, you can make the most of Sing It! School. Voiceover actors will step in to take you through different lessons, focusing on skills such as pitch, accuracy, breathing and harmony. Alternatively, if you're singing solo, you can get involved with Gig Mode (self-explanatory) or Challenge Mode, which demands that players sing along with no visual aids. Alternatively, you can try out a variety of multi-player modes including duet, versus, gig (again!), and team mode for up to eight players!


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