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Just Dance Wii allows you to escape your daily routine and just let your body groove. Once you've nailed the moves, you just can't stop dancing! Choose your favourite tracks to create the ultimate party vibe and revolutionize the way you spend time with family and friends. It's time to get the party started: crank up the tunes and Just Dance! 7; Chart,Topping Tracks: You can shake your `thang' to over 30 hot tracks including top ten hits from country, punk, pop, rock and disco.. including Fame, Katy Perry, New Kids on the Block and many more.. 7; Just Move It: A true dance experience with real moves created by professional choreographers; Just Dance brings you the adrenaline,pumping thrill of dancing and hot moves you can take to the dance floor. 7; Everyone Dance! The free,for,all song selection and variable song lengths provide customized gameplay for all ages and dance abilities 7; Over 200+ Real Dance Moves: Learn iconic dance movements that will push your dancing skills to the max! 7; Precision: Hit the move and strangle the beat to score huge combos and new kick,ass moves. If you dance like your dad at a wedding, you won't get diddly! 7; Keep the Beat Just Dance allows you to see the beat and feel the music as you learn to dance. learn the groove, and nail the move to score! 7; A little karaoke: You can sing along to all the classic tracks, which are subtitled; you won't get scored, but it helps keep in rhythm and will (no doubt) entertain your friends. 7; Party Popper: Play with up to 4 players who can join in at anytime to try to match your skills. 7; Philosophy: Dance makes you feel good inside and out! It's the world's best carefree remedy to feeling great about yourself and closer to others.


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