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Sometimes, oldies aren't dribbling crusties , they're goodies. They're back,in,the,day gems worthy of a good dusting,off and a bit of a spit and shine. Pitfall is one such oldie. Beloved by your Dad back in the days when everyone used to go to public rooms and play video games in big wooden cabinets (they called these rooms 'arcades'), Pitfall is all about running, jumping and not being eaten by crocodiles. It stars Pitfall Harry, an adventurous sort prone to traipsing round the jungle , the Peruvian one, in this case. Over the course of The Big Adventure players will careen through 60 levels ranging across lush rainforests, dangerously creature,ridden caves and glacial mountains. Gameplay in the original revolved around swinging across perilous drops and bouncing across the heads of snappy crocodiles, and you'll find plenty of that good stuff here. In The Big Adventure, of course, you've got the intuitive Wii control system to help you along. If you're a little more (but not totally) old school, developer Edge of Reality has something for you too , the game is compatible with the GameCube controller. As a bonus for old timers, Activision has also included the original Pitfall and Pitfall 2 to remind us of the days when gaming used to involve actually leaving the house!


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