Wii | Worms: A Space Oddity Pre-Owned

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the... worms from Wakefield? Their mission? To boldly go where no worm has gone before! Northern England's Team 17's Worms have made it into space. Spock is no doubt quivering in his sock,like footwear. Frankly, we're all in favour of the Worms heading into space. They've been there before. It works for them. And why should the Americans, Russians , and now the Chinese , have all the zero,gravity fun? Worms: A Space Oddity comes crammed full of all your favourite Worms staples. Gameplay takes the form of turn,based strategy spread across a side,scrolling landscape peppered with crazy weapons that range from the pedestrian (like grenades) to the downright absurd (exploding sheep). A Space Oddity, however, comes tailored to the Wii's specific strengths. Anyone care to guess...? Yup, that'd be motion sensitivity. The game's control system has been built to use the Wii Remote. The Remote can be used to guide frags or , if you're a bit more old school than that , as a plunger for explosives. The little blighters were bound to make it out into the Great Beyond sooner or later. This is your chance to join them.


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