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Ever since the release of Goldeneye on the N64, James Bond licences have carried high expectations within the video game industry. Most have failed to live up to the hype surrounding Rare's masterpiece. Electronic Arts' latest offering again follows Goldeneye's `FPS+Gadgets' style, as have many releases before it. Not tying in with any existing Bond film, Agent Under Fire follows a fictional plot, faithfully set in Ian Flemming's super-spy universe and features all the usual Q-lab gadgets, firearms and crude humour with which fans of the series will be familiar. The plot involves an attempt to take over the world by a guy called Malprave, head of yet another terrorist organisation. With a plethora of technical wizardry at your disposal and with the help of the beautiful Zoe Nightshade, it's once more your job to save the world from certain doom. Taking a leaf out of the Metal gear Solid book, Agent Under Fire places a great deal of emphasis on stealth. Caution must be taken and going in "all guns blazing" is not always the best method of achieving the goal. The enemy AI is quite formidable, creating some seriously cunning adversaries so the player's tactics, skill and intellect will be put to the test. As well as the main game style, Agent Under Fire also challenges the player to some speedy driving missions. The usual array of fine motoring moments is in the game in the form of driving-based objectives and chase scenes. Agent Under Fire is definitely proof that EA are beginning to bridge the gap between the usual array of second-rate Bond titles and the much-admired Goldeneye. It is certainly a worthy purchase for those awaiting the next movie tie-in. Be careful with that James!


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