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Beowulf. A slayer and a king. A man torn between the nobility and the brutality that exist within him. A West Ham fan? Coming from Ubisoft, this is Beowulf, the game of the film of the epic poem of the...folk tales? Players must take on the role of Beowulf (Ray Winstone - West Ham fan - in the film), a man who set off to slay a monster to make his fortune and found himself becoming a king and a champion. It's a hard life, sometimes. He had a really sexy mum, too. So... playing as Beowulf, you'll need to do the monster slaying thing and defend your people and kingdom from the forces that threaten to do them ill. As well as the hack and slash elements you'd expect, you'll be able to control your Thane soldiers, building up their strength and strategically using them to aid you in battle. While playing through 30 years worth of epic story, you'll also be able to access Beowulf's carnal powers. Activating them will increase your power, but also put your fellow thanes at risk. It's not everyday a piece of poetry gets turned into a game. If you're a fan of either literature or Ray Winstone, this could be for you.


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