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"A Cavia studio-developed game, Bullet Witch is set on a worryingly near-future Planet Earth of a sorry state. Human beings are teetering on the brink of extinction and those naughty demons (is there any other kind?) are causing destruction and havoc by fiddling about with meteorological factors. The fate of mankind rests with a foxy witch blessed with myriad powers, lots of special skills and a nifty line in gunplay. Her name is Alicia, and players take control of this charmingly-titled Bullet Witch with a remit to save mankind, don't you know. Cavia - responsible in the past for bringing us Ghost in the Shell and Blue Dragon among others - has included a number of typically eastern influences in Bullet Witch with a range of Japanese fantasy monsters. American fantasy horror gets a look-in too. A combination of magic and shooting, Bullet Witch represents with environmental damage, explosions and destruction really giving the 360 engine a run for its money. One really nice touch weapons-wise is the fact that Alicia's powerful Gun-Rod fires bullets made from the souls of defeated enemies. That's certainly more Goth than hanging around the Bus Station! Not very Goth, but very impressive nonetheless is Alicia's ability to collect spells and combine them to build protective walls and summon her own demonic weather conditions. Following launch, players will be able to download additional Bullet Witch content via Xbox Live Marketplace, comprising five packages available every two weeks, each containing a new outfit for Alicia and revised levels to play through, further adding to the gameplay experience."


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