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Guiding the path of civilization over thousands of years is a big job. Big enough for the chap upstairs, in fact. While the big fella did a pretty decent job of getting us from the deep dark past of travelling around on the backs of animals to the days of microwaves, cars and toilets that flush themselves, we've all thought that maybe we could have done a better job at one time or another, right? Well, with Sid Meier's Civilization, PC gamers have been up to that sort of thing for years. With Civilization: Revolution, however, next-gen console owners get their shot. The premise is simple - start in the year 4,000BC with naught but a single settler and a military unit or two to your name, then guide your civilization to the point where folk can travel about in undersea trains and make their curtains close by talking to them. Simple, right? Not so much, actually. You'll have to do things like found cities, settle new areas, form military units, build grand civic structures and generally get to work doing the job of someone like Alexander the Great. This console version of Civilization comes equipped with a host of online features such as extra downloadable content and video and voice chat. You'll also find auto-matching and ranked games for those wanting to take on other world leaders online and leaderboards to see how you're faring. The fate of Civilization is in your hands. Don't stuff it up!


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