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"Aliens are tricky blighters. Always trying to take over our world and whatnot. But such is the stuff of videogames! In this third-person shooter from Capcom, developer Airtight Games hopes to put a new spin on classic retro sci-fi and UFO themes. In Dark Void, you play as Will, a regular Joe piloting a routine cargo plane flight that crashes into (cue ominous-sounding music)...the Bermuda Triangle! Crashing into the Bermuda Triangle is never straightforward though, is it? Will finds himself in the Dark Void, a parallel world populated by aliens looking to do nasty stuff. He joins a group of humans called the Survivors and promptly gets on with the business of trying to save the world. Visually, it's all brown leather jackets, disc-shaped UFOs and rocket packs - the retro good stuff. It's not the look that sets Dark Void apart from its contemporary sci-fi shooters, however. It's that rocket pack! As well as traditional third-person shooter sequences, players will find themselves using the rocket pack to make breathtaking vertical leaps, adding an extra dimension to play. It doesn't stop there, however. You don't just use a rocket pack for big jumps, do you? You use them to fly! And so it is that you get involved in vertigo-inducing aerial combat with UFOs! Get ready for a close encounter..."


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