Xbox 360 | Fight Night Round 3 Pre-Owned

Fight Night Round 3 (FNR3) signals the return of the sweaty man mountain in shiny shorts x2 and the only real competitor to take to the ring in 2006. Where have all the boxing games gone? Well, pardon our pugilist parlance, but essentially, they're all here in EA's third tilt at the heavyweight title. You really wouldn't need any of the other pretenders, even if there were any. FNR3 hits the spot with some of the most visceral visuals we've seen in a one-on-one fighter. Turn up the volume and listen to that gristle and sinew crunch and grate as you land (or get suckered by) the most powerful of punches. Then get back to your stool and let your cutman administer some repairs to your bloody and battered mush. Oof! And this is just the Play Now mode.


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