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"From the outset, you have no choice. As a playa, you begin your life of crime in Saints Row as a member of the 3rd Street Saints gang. The opening scenes of the game are just a taste of what's to come. Needless to say, there's plenty of cussing and fighting and shooting - Saints Row has certainly earned its BBFC rating. The 3rd Street Saints are under an almost constant threat from Stilwater's rival gangs and the city's corrupt officials. Stilwater must be conquered one district at a time or face complete devastation. Saints Row hits the ground running and the high octane action rarely lets up. Character and vehicle customisation is a big part of the gameplay - respect is earned by being as flash as possible: the clothes, the accessories, the wheels...they all attract attention. In a game like Saints Row, the need to roam freely is sated with the inclusion of a huge town populated with all kinds of folks. The freedom to progress through the game any way the player chooses is most welcome and something we expect, nay demand, from a mission-based adventure game. Every move you make, and every individual you encounter in Stilwater will react to you in the appropriate manner. Most will see you as a threat, while some will give you the respect you deserve. With enough of 'dat respec', the city turns into a big playground that's at your mercy. The 3rd Street Saints elders will recognise your standing and will reward you accordingly: more respect and more missions such as Insurance Fraud and Snatch. Stilwater's not an easy place to live in, and right from the start, it's a hell of a job surviving the missions. Life is cheap here, talk is tough, and so is the gameplay. Good luck to y'all if you wanna get involved."


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