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It's Splinter Cell, but not as you know it. While Splinter Cell Conviction might still follow the series' core tenet of encouraging you to complete missions as discreetly as possible, it does it in a whole new way. Gone are the high tech solutions of previous games. They've been replaced by what's often the complete opposite. Sam Fisher is now on the run from the very government he once served, and stripped of all the resources that gave him. Now he'll be forced to improvise and adapt at every turn to survive. As a fugitive, you'll navigate your way through civilian areas, and how you interact with the crowds will be key to your survival. Blend in with the public to evade detection, or cause a panic to create a diversion. Either way, you'll have to think fast and stay on your toes, because the enemy AI will actively seek you out. Without your usual gear, you'll need to rely on the black market for weaponry, or else use civilian equipment for things it was never intended for. The crowd-based gameplay also puts a fresh spin on the game's multi-player option. You'll be surrounded by other characters, not knowing who's out to get you and unable to do anything that will give away your position. Poor old Sam Fisher. Just can't seem to catch a break, can he?


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