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Rubbing shoulders and touching wheels with the likes of Button, Montoya, Coulthard and the Schumacher brothers is something that only the luckiest people could ever experience. For those of us less fortunate, EA offer succour with the release of F1 Career Challenge, wherein the glamorous world of Formula 1 racing is within reach, albeit in a virtual sense. It's so close you can almost smell the burning rubber and taste the champagne. Your skill and judgement on and off the track could be the key to racing glory in your new career in F1. Earn your super licence, join a racing team and build your reputation by keeping your nerve on the biggest stage of all - the FIA Formula 1 World Championship circuit. Career mode will teach you that there's so much more to establishing yourself as a top F1 driver than just getting it right on race day. Once you're there, however, the rewards for all the work you put in are all worthwhile. Enhance your reputation with a few good performances and the big boys of F1 are sure to become interested in you. Think long and hard about your career moves though - your decisions could make or break your bid to become world champion. Officially licensed by the Formula One Administration, the game is full of accurate data from four seasons of F1 racing, up to and including season 2002. That means the presence of Jackie Stewart's team alongside the unfortunate Orange Arrows, and drivers whose names you may have forgotten, such as Pedro Diniz and Alex Yoong. The graphics in EA's F1 titles have long been the source of some argument among gamers; you either love 'em...or you don't! What we can agree on is the state of the gameplay. It's fantastic. For the past three years, F1 from EA has consistently delivered the goods, with some incredibly fast and twitchy controls. F1 Career Challenge continues the trend. Other details lend extra depth to the proceedings, such as a 3D garage with motion-captured mechanics and options screens selectable from inside the car. There's also the option to get feedback via a headset radio from your chief mechanic on the track and your team boss off the track. F1 Career Challenge pretty much has it all. There are enough features and game modes to keep F1 nuts busy for quite some time.


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