The power-packing Xbox hardware delivers the third Oddworld title in one of the most brilliantly realized settings to grace any gaming system. Blending unique gameplay, humorous characters and interactions, and the aforementioned graphics, Munch's Oddysee simply feels unlike any other game in the console gaming line-up. Players control two characters in the game: Munch, a wheelchair-bound hero, and Abe, a character some gamers will recognize from previous Oddworld games. Their goal is to find and free the Mudokon queen, keeper of the remaining eggs of an endangered species. Both characters feature unique talents that, via a tag-team style of play, propel the player through the game. For instance, Abe can climb and jump to reach new areas, as well as temporarily possess an enemy's soul via a chant. The web-footed Munch can swim to new areas and, when on the roll in his wheelchair, use his sonar plug to control machinery remotely. Saving an entire race also requires a coordinated effort on everyone's part. To get the job done quickly, players can deliver verbal commands to kinsmen. They'll gladly greet you (in a witty manner), then gang up on a mean-spirited enemy or accomplish difficult tasks for you. As with the rest of the game world, the finely detailed characters and environments, as well as a refreshing charm, draw you into an experience with the quality of a Pixar film. Prepare for gaming to get very odd indeed.


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