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For the first time ever, Far Cry is going to America. Players arrive in Hope County, Montana, as the new junior deputy. It's bad news for everyone (except the player) as this arrival accelerates a years-long coup by a murderous doomsday cult, the Project at Eden's Gate, and triggers a violent takeover of the county. Cut off from the rest of the world, players must range over a vast open environment of farmland, forest and mountains, to form a resistance and take it back piece by piece. Much of how Far Cry 5 plays out will be pleasingly familiar to fans of the series. It's still about capturing outposts, hunting wildlife and exploring a massive world, but certain tweaks and a greater emphasis on characters and cooperation change things up a bit. One difference is that everything you do contributes to your 'resistance' meter, and as this increases cult leader Joseph Seed will get more irate, dragging you into story missions and throwing greater defenses at you. Another is a greater emphasis on teamwork. You can play the whole game online in co-op mode, as well as recruit hired guns to help you in your crusade to take back Hope County. You can recruit fighters with different skillsets, adding a greater tactical element to the game than previous series outings. In other words, Far Cry 5 is offering players to get deeper into the game's world than ever before.


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