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Anyone remember the Great Escape on the ZX Spectrum? The 8-bit classic that is heralded as possibly one of the greatest games ever? Well some bright spark at Wide Games has decided that escaping from a POW camp makes for a good concept for a game, the result of which is Prisoner of War. The adventure begins when protagonist Captain Lewis Stone is imprisoned in a German POW camp, after his surveillance craft is shot down over enemy territory. Stone soon becomes involved in the discovery that the camp is playing host to the development of a mysterious new weapon, to be used in the fight against the allies. Taking control of the Captain, players must use quick wits and stealth, whilst uncovering relevant information regarding the weapon's development, in their quest to save the allies and, ultimately, escape from the POW camp. Tasks to undertake include using disguises, sabotaging equipment, escaping Stalag Luft and calling in allied air strikes. Fellow prisoners can be of help - although not always for free - as players work against the fearsome array of German guards, lieutenants, kommandants and the evil General Stahl.


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