Xbox | Red Faction (PS Platinum Case) Pre-Owned

You play Parker, an inexperienced miner who's recently begun working in a huge mining complex on Mars, run by the Ultor Corporation. Far from the workers' Utopia you were led to believe from Ultor's advertising on Earth, the mines are an awful place. Living conditions are terrible, the work environment is dangerous, Ultor runs the place like a prison camp, and there's a disease the miners call the Plague that's running rampant, disfiguring and killing miners. Tension is high; there've been strikes and riots, brutally suppressed by Ultor security. The whole complex feels like it's going to explode; all it needs is a spark. Unfortunately, you provide flint and striker. As your shift ends one day, an Ultor guard brutally assaults you. It's kill or be killed and you fight back. The next thing you know, Ultor security is freaking out, killing miners on sight, the miners are fighting back in a full-scale rebellion, and you are now #1 on Ultor's Most Wanted list.


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